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- $500 Value
- Includes a 40 minute phone consultation
- Setting up a business Facebook page for campaigning eligibility (If you already have a Facebook page for your business then you are already eligible to begin Facebook campaigns)
- Creating a Facebook group (read article below for more info) for your business and linking your page to the group


Why not Facebook Pages With Facebook Groups?


Facebook Page Cons:
Pages are harder to grow organically and usually require a Facebook marketing tool and spending to give it a boost It typically takes a lot longer to promote a page, even though it’s easier to promote per options and function Conversations are more difficult to manage, especially between fans Everything’s more out in the open with a page, so you have to monitor things more closely

Facebook Group Pros:
In groups you can easily communicate with all members via chat, email, wall posts, messages, and even create a shared Doc A business is allowed to promote an event through Groups in general, whereas a page doesn’t allow that option Groups tend to display a higher degree of personality and even personalization, since they’re often created to be personal presences rather than brand presences Making common connections is much easier through a group setting, particularly for businesses searching for contacts”

(Article by The Social Skinny- to view the whole article click here)

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Ashley Robinson
Ashley Robinson
Group Rewards is the best!!
Chaim KIss
Chaim KIss
The first rewards program on FACEBOOK! This is great and I'm excited to be a member of Groups Rewards!